Flying W Farms Prince Balthasarin

Sire: Koning-Friesian  X Dam: Percheron-White Marsh Evening Star
Priesian colt born 5/3/02



Note from Fredericka, Flying W Farms, "here is an email we received from Jessica in Feb 02;
Later in the year  she came and bought Balthasarin from us!!! We truly appreciate all her kind comments received in her email listed below. Jessica is a very accomplished horsewoman, and she teaches complete horsemanship, not just "how to ride." Thanks, Jessica for your compliments! Fredericka

Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2003 6:06 PM

Subject: foal video

Hello Fredericka!

I received your video yesterday and have not stopped watching it yet!  I can not believe how many nice babies I saw on one video!!  Your farm is doing  great justice to the sport horse industry.  Both of your Friesian stallions really wowed me.  I could not believe the movement on all of the horses on the tape.  It was just incredible!!  The way they tracked up,  and they all moved in a  perfect frontward parallelogram movement. Truly impressive.  I have been looking for the perfect dressage horse for a while and have seen a lot of horses for double your prices and a 1/4 of your quality.  Hilda Gurney could have used your tape for an example on her video of "Selecting a Dressage Horse"

   I was most interested in 3 of the babies,  although all of them are great.  I am looking for a nice dressage prospect.  I show 2nd and 3rd level and school all levels .  I lost my horse of 13 years last year,  as I told you in an earlier e-mail.  I am really very excited about your horses.  I would like to come out to your place to meet these horses!

Thank you,
Jessica Adcock



From: Jessica Adcock
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003
To: flyingw
Subject: Prince Balthasarin


Hello Fredericka and Robin,

I just wanted to write you a letter about my experience with FWF.  Prince Balthasarin is doing wonderful and is adjusting nicely!!  After stepping right on the trailer leaving your place,  he was as quiet as could be the whole 18 hour ride Back to New Hampshire.  He munched away at his hay the whole trip and did not even break a sweat or snort at all!!!! He stayed very relaxed even at the rest areas when I gave him water.  At one point he even played in his water bucket!   We arrived safely home at about 4 in the morning here and decided we should not unload him into a dark barn in strange surroundings.  I opened up all of the dividers in the trailer and spread his bedding around like a stall for the rest of the night for him.  The next morning,  we unloaded him and let him go out into his paddock.  He trotted up and down the hill just floating magnificently with all of our other horses in their pastures next to him running up and down with him.  By the early afternoon he was laying down in the paddock sleeping! 

     He is the most beautiful horse I have ever owned in my life.  My horseback riding lesson students call him Black Beauty because he is gorgeous and even has the white star and an all black body!!  He is really very sweet.  I started working with him on join up and in our first session he walked around everywhere in our round pen just following me all around!  Some of our mares are not real friendly and make faces at him when I walk him down the barn aisle.  It makes him a little nervous and he always tries to lean on me for protection!! I don't think he realizes how big he is!!  I think he would come in the house with me at night if I would let him!!!  He loves to be scratched and will groom the top of my head whenever I find a good spot!! =)  He is just a big baby!!  I just can not believe how beautiful he is and how perfect and straight his legs are!!!  We are so happy with him. 

We had a wonderful trip out to your farm.  Robin's hospitality could be matched by no other.  Thank you Robin!!! All of your horses were so beautiful and friendly!!! That one mare of yours up in the fields just followed my daughter and I all around!!! I was shocked that even Koning out in the middle of all of his mares was one of the first to come trotting out and visit us as we got out of the car in the field!!  Your minis were as beautiful as I had always heard about and seen in the magazines.  I wish we would have been able to see your Dales ponies,  and talk more with you about some of the minis you had for sale this year.  Of course,  we probably would have ended up bringing one home with Balthasarin if we had!!  

Thank you again Robin for all of your hospitality and taking the time to show us around.  And thank you Flying W Farm for making my dream horse a reality!
Sincerely,    Jessica Adcock


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