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Flying W Farms Prince Paladin

IGGHR #166

 Georgian Grande Gelding
Sire: Excalibur-Clydesdale X Saddlebred mare



Hi Fredericka

   Please see attached some photos of Paladin from this past Spring and summer. 

We had a fantastic year.  He is the one you go to when you need a "pal", always there to greet you. He is always willing and ready, although on occasion I sense he doesn't quite understand what I might want from him (my fault for sure!) he does try his best and its always a success!!! 

  This past summer we had fun trying some x-country jumps, he knows how to do them all (on his farm) it was I that had to learn to let him do "his thing. Although we didn't compete we enjoyed riding on his 25 acres and going for long hacks in the nearby forest. We did enter a a local Hunt Club event in August and had a great time doing a Hunter Pace. Sadly we didn't place as we were too quick, but it was a great day!! Pal is quite stunning and his presence was surely noticed!! 

  My 10year old daughter who has her own Pony has great aspirations of taking Pal to local Pony Club events next year, although he is far from a Pony I think he would love it!

  I can't say enough about this brave, honest, handsome horse.





From: Kay L.
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002
Subject: Re: Paladin Photos etc.
Dear Fredericka,
     I've always wanted to breed the horse of my dreams but now you've done it for me. Paladin has more than looks and power and intelligence. He has a striking self carriage and great presence that make heads turn wherever he
goes. But most of all, he has a fabulous mind and a keen work ethic. He's a quick and willing learner, and it never occurs to him to resist during training, whether in harness or under saddle. He is unflappable and brave and stands
his ground when other horses might shy or spook. As a mother with young children, I appreciate having a clever, calm horse who will keep me and my little daughters safe. The other day on the cross ties, the kids (ages five and six)
put two step stools on either side of him, unrolled a weight tape across his back and pulled back and forth on it, yelling and laughing. All of a sudden I realized I was hardly paying attention to what they were doing, because I know how calm he is, how much he loves their attention, and how he never moves a foot once he's on the cross ties unless I ask him to. Not bad for a horse who's not quite three! 
I want to thank you and George for being true to your own values and having the courage to forge a new path in the horse breeding business,which in large part has been hijacked by ridiculously expensive European warmbloods of questionable quality. Some years hence, once a good number of your home-breds have had a chance
to make their mark in the show ring, I believe Flying W Farm will be reknowned throughout the continent for its incredibly versatile made-in-America warmbloods.
 Your family should be very proud.
 Kay Langmuir

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