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Fredericka, I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully Native is doing. What a sweet boy!! He follows me around like a puppy, playing in the sprinklers, chasing the cats, throwing the patio furniture. Even my husband, who is not much on horses, loves Native. We have been ground driving him, which he is wonderful at, and putting a saddle on his back. I have leaned over him many times, so that he could feel me on his back, but not my full weight, of course. I was sweeping the trailer out and, much to my surprise, he followed me in there!! My older horse has to be convinced to trailer, so I was pleased as punch about that. He understands his boots now, but the first time I put them on him he acted like he was walking in glue!! He is always surprised when I ride my older horse, but he has finally begun just following us around, nosing at my knee. He seems bigger to me than when he arrived, but that's probably just me. He loves to get up on the porch and peer in the window, sort of a peeping horse routine. I have begun round pen lessons with him. It took about 10 minutes for him to figure out what I wanted when I asked him to turn. In just a few lessons he will walk trot and canter by voice request. He will chase most anything. We have a VW beetle car and he loves to chase that, the riding mower, and the boys on their bikes (the boys aren't too crazy about this). I have had such a good time working with him. Thanks again for all your help!!
- Tammi


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