Flying W Farms Midnight Storm

1/2 Percheron and 1/2 Thoroughbred Cross








From: Linda
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002

This is Midnight Storm. We bought her as a weanling from Flying W Farms in the Spring of 2001. We bought her specifically for pleasure and trail riding and we could not be happier with this horse! She is a very big girl
and has the most beautiful long, graceful legs. She has a wonderful temperament to go with her looks. We think she is absolutely gorgeous!
Midnight Storm turned two years old in June of 2002 so she's still a baby. She is already a great horse and she will only get better and better! We have just started her training. Most of these (very casual) pictures were
taken during the first few times we had her under saddle.
Midnight Storm is usually a darker black than she appears in these pictures. But we live in the South and the summer sun has temporarily lightened her coat a bit. She is growing the thickest, most beautiful mane and tail you could ever want! As a matter of fact we've nicknamed her 'Hollywood' because of her looks.
We live in coastal North Carolina. We presently have Midnight Storm in a pasture which is right next to a busy road that leads to the beach. There is a constant stream of tourists as well as locals who drive by that pasture.
I can't tell you how often people slow down to look at Midnight or they stop and ask what kind of horse she is. A couple of people have even asked if she were for sale. There are a couple of other horses and ponies in the same pasture with her but she just seems to stand out in a crowd.
Should we ever be in the market for another horse we would definitely call Fredericka Wagner at Flying W Farms. She's been a great person to do business with and her farm turns out excellent horses.

Wilmington, North Carolina



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