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Brenlee and her Gypsy Cob Pony

Brenlee started loving horses at 4 years old so we got her a mini pony and taught her to ride. We took her to columbus every year to the equine affaire and she fell in love with gypsies. She would go on and on and dream of having her own gypsy she'd color them in coloring books look them up on you tube. She loves them. We kept teaching her how to ride she started riding bigger horses and showing some and she always brings home a blue ribbon and everyone is always so amazed of how good such a young girl can ride.

So I learned that flying a farms was just down the road and emailed them and asked if Brenlee could visit the farm and see the gypsies. She was promised by Fredrick'a she'd have her own one day. And it was spring 2013 we got an email that Brenlee had a colt born. She couldn't believe it she was so excited . We went to the farm to visit and she was so shy And months later she got to go bring him home she named him jingles, she calls him jingle bell a lot, she has him spoiled he acts more like a dog then a horse. She sends pictures to the farm to keep them updated about her and her pony, she has hopes of riding him down the road to the farm one day when she's old enough. She spent the year waiting and waiting till he was old enough to start training.

And now he finally is, Brenlee has been working with him right along beside her Mom, and his first ever ride with someone on his back was done by Brenlee. He has a gorgeous jump and she will tell anyone who ask that right there is a jumping horse. She can't wait!! She loves this horse to death. They will grow up together and learn together.


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