Flying W Farms Horses Grandioso  IGGHR #142

Sire: Firedance-Saddlebred 

Dam: Mountain Crest Liberty-Clydesdale


Grandioso & Elegante at age seven years



Grandioso at age five years


Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008


Hi Fredericka,

Took a quick look at your website the other day.  You still amaze me with all the beautiful horses you have been bringing into this world !!! I am sorry I have no recent photos for you, but will try to get some soon.  I promise..... as we really should have some for ourselves as well.  Can't believe that Ella and Grandi are 9 years old now !  They are still sweet as ever ! Meanwhile, please enjoy the attached shots. Please extend our best wishes to Robin for us. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays.




First time pulling the cart, learning to drive

Grandioso at age four years


Age three years

Age three years


FWF GRANDIOSO  as a yearling 

GRANDIOSO as a two year old at exhibition


Marcia Cannizzo  and Joe Hrncirik purchased a gorgeous pair of perfectly matched Georgian Grandes, a colt and a filly, from Flying W Farms when the pair were just yearlings.

Marcia has sent us these photos showing how they matured from yearlings to three years old. This is a really gorgeous pair and their owners have done very well exhibiting them. This page features photos of the colt, GRANDIOSO. 

The filly is ELEGANTE (click here for her photos)
Both are by Firedance-Saddlebred out or registered Clydesdale mares.


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