Flying W Farms Fire Emblem #196
Sire: Firedance-Saddlebred
Dam: Glen Mills Love-Clydesdale
Fire Emblem is a Georgian Grande  #196


Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2010

Subject: Flying W Farms Fire Emblem

Hello Fredericka,
I have attached a pictures  of  Fire Emblem. I've schooled him all the way up through the levels. He's now a solid 4th level, and schooling much higher (1,2,3 time tempis, half passes, half pirouettes) etc...

 I don't think it'll take much longer 'til he hits grand prix. He is so talented.




*Note from Fredericka; Fire Emblem is a wonderful

gelding, beautiful Georgian Grande
and a stunning mover.
His owner/rider  Hannah B. broke and trained
Fire Emblem herself!
 They are quite the successful pair!
Many congratulations to both from all of us
here at Flying W Farms!!!!


Monday, November 10, 2003

Here are some more pictures of Fire Emblem and I at the last show. We won intro high point for the year in our club, He's a delight!


BY the way Fredericka, I just received another ribbon for Fire Emblem's Performance this weekend. Not only did we have the highest scores out of the division, we also had the highest scores at the show!! He's My Champion!!!


Hannah B.

 age 17

P.s. I'm attaching all of Fire's Test's and the scores are as follows (from lowest to highest...) (these are total scores earned at several different shows this year.








average scores =  (if I'm correct...) 65.168%

Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2002

Subject: Fire Emblem

Hey Fredericka,Just wanted to give you an update on Fire, he’s wonderful, and so smart! He loves people and simply wants to be with us. Sometimes in the morning before school, he’ll follow my sister and I down to the bus stop and he dance around with us until the bus comes. He’s so striking, and its amazing how big he’ll be! He’s 15.1 1/2 hands at the withers right now and 15.2 ˝ at the butt! We measured he’s coronets to the knee, to get and estimated height and it looks like he’ll be 17.2 -17.3 ˝ HANDS!I tried the measuring on all my other horses and it turned out accurate. We just hope he’ll fit in the barn! He’s so spoiled too! He loves his comfy stall… He also has learned how to lunge with a saddle now! Walk/trot/canter, Also, I do ‘downunder horsemanship’, and pat parelli type things with him and he goes wherever I want, he even jumped over some things on the lead, and he turns right around and comes back. Often I take him down to our arena and ‘play’ follow the leader, I run around, and whatever I do, he does! I jump a cross rail, he jumps a cross rail. I back, he backs, I trot he trots, I ‘toss my hair’ he tosses his ‘hair’ he’s great! The more I watch him the more I cant wait to ride him. He already lets us sit on him with a lead rope (bareback OR with a saddle) no problem. He will be the easiest horse to train! He’s practically there and he’s only about 15 months! Well, HE thinks he is … I love him, thank you for breeding such fab horses! I hope to get another someday! Here a picture of him. I will be taken much better ones soon! Hannah

Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 12:26 PM

To: Fredericka Wagner

Subject: Re: Hey, more Fire Emblem Results...

Hey, I just got back from the region one jr/yr team championships with fire.   Fire and I were the stars of the show. People were amazed  those days were only his 15th and 16th times under saddle and that he was two years old. They couldn't believe how calm, cool and talented he is. The judges loved him too and we got reserve Champion for High Points. He got a 73.5% and a 64.5% For intro A and B respectively. The Second judge was a tough judge. Most of the scores were low - mid 50s with her. I will be mailing you all of his show results from this year as well as copies of his videos from this weekend! You will be amazed at how good he is! I had several people tell me that this colt will go all the way! I love him so much. Thanks Fredericka. Hannah

July 13, 2003
Hey Fredericka!

 Fire went to his second show ever, his 14th ride ever, and came away with a 2nd and 3rd place, both with 64%s, for intro A and B. That's pretty awesome for a two year old. Everybody loved him, several asked where I'd gotten him, and if they could take him home! But he'll stay with me for life. Thanks!! Here is a picture of him after our classes. Hannah




"Fire Emblem" one year old


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