Flying W Farms Elegance

Sire:Drifter-Shire Dam: FWF Sweetest Doll-Thoroughbred

Foaled July 2, 1998

Rider/Owner is Anna Dolan-Junior rider
Rider-Carly Dolan

Subject: FWF Elegance update...Been a long time.
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Ellie (FWF Elegance) is still here and teaching a whole new group of kids the ropes of jumping and dressage. She is one of the most loved horses on our farm. I can't believe she's been here so long, wow time flies. I have attached some pics of her at a show this year with one of our lesson students who won ribbons on her as usual! Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Sandy D.

Anna's mother, Sandy Dolan purchased Elegance from our farm for Anna in July of 1999 as a yearling. Scroll down to see her grow up with her young rider! BE SURE TO SEE THE FIRST BIG WIN, BLUE RIBBON, scroll down! One photo is worth a thousand words! Just look at Anna's big smile! (64 seconds to download but well worth the wait)


Elegance being ridden by Carly Dolan

Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007
Subject: Another great picture of FWF Elegance...
My younger daughter, Carly, showed FWF Elegance for the very first time this past May in eventing since her older sister Anna is so busy at college. This is an awesome picture (attached) of the two at novice level cross country during the May Daze Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park. Unfortunately a saddle problem arose later on in the cross country course that required Carly to dismount and fix her saddle and caused massive time penalty points, but the two  went on and finished without any refusals on cross country and went double clear in stadium. This is one of my favorite pictures.
 Sandy Dolan



We received this recent email update May 24, 2006

Fredericka, Here are some pictures of "Anna"
( Flying W Farms Elegance), (draft/TB cross)
 Anna's little sister Carly took her to a Hunter Jumper Show last Sunday (5/21/06) and they won every jumping class they entered  in 2'6" and 3'. They are Division champions in   both. I am sending that info. in for awards program.
                                                          Sandy Dolan



October 18, 2005
Dear Fredericka;

I wanted to let you know that Anna and Ellie went down to Tennessee for thier C3 Pony Club testing this past weekend. Talk about a tough weekend, three of |the five candidates testing did not pass. Anna and Ellie did pass and with flying colors, they had the most beautiful stadium jumping of all candidates. The cross country phase was challenging to say the least, they jumped a farm wagon, up a large bank, jumped into a banked water obstacle that was placed in a grove
of shady trees, horses did not see it until they were right on it, through fence lines, it was the Beechgrove Hunt Club's course. They really make them earn it or they simply don't pass them and they have to come back and retest. I was so happy for them as Anna is a senior in High School and she has plans to go away to college next year. Anna and Ellie probably won't have too much time together after this year. Ellie will stay here and probably show during the summer. I always loved watching them show, I am already getting sad at the thought of Anna going away to college but you have to let them spread their wings and fly in their own direction. 

Sandy Dolan

3/12/01 we rec'd this letter from Anna's mother:
Have backed Elegance and she didn't bat an eye. She has natural talent for jumping and jumped our metal over 4 ft. gate when another horse was picking on her, she was quite proud of herself afterwards. She has a huge hunter
stride and such a nice canter. I get good complements all the time and I tell everyone where I got her. I also tell them about those beautiful freisian crosses you have posted on your site. I noticed you've sold the pretty little
pinto filly I liked so much; We'll keep you posted on Ellie's progress.
Sandy Dolan      

Talk about versatility!!!! Hunter,Jumper, Eventing, Dressage including musical Freestyle!!!! Wow!

Note from Fredericka;
"Fond memories" Looks like a picture postcard. We are so pleased when we see these young riders doing so well with the horses they purchased from us, and then trained themselves! Speaks to the gentle willing nature of the horses we raise.
Congratulations Anna and Elegance!!!


August 11, 2002
Fredericka, I have attached some pictures of Elegance out on  cross country course with our 14 year old daughter. Her canter is a dream to ride. She is getting schooled lightly in jumping and doing very well.




owner/rider ANNA DOLAN
Elegance won a combined test and her musical freestyle at a approved Midsouth Eventing and Dressage Association Show last Sunday at Training 1 and 2 levels. This was also her first time jumping at a show, she had no refusals. She got a 62.8 on her musical freestyle. She did it to the Lord Of the Rings music and with her big movement she was awesome!! She got 8's on her movement and impulsion.  My daughter and Ellie had quite an audience watching. The judge really liked Elegance and said she had beautiful gaits. She was the star of the show, people loved her shire feathering. I was so proud of her. She was truly elegant in her dressage, she earned her name. Anna's riding instructor says Elegance has the potential to go to the top levels of dressage and combined training. Sandy Dolan





First Place August 9, 2004  Indiana State Fair!!

August 14, 2004

Dear Fredericka:

Our daughter Anna and Flying W Farms Elegance won their class at the Indiana State Fair 4H Horse & Pony Show in Senior Equitation Over Fences. The Pepsi Coliseum can be intimidating for first time horses to show in but it didn't phase Ellie. Next show will be the Jump Start Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park.   Sandy


Jump Start Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park  (October 2004)

Dear Fredericka;
Ellie and Anna competed at the USEA recognized Jump Start Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park this past weekend. They placed 2nd! They had their best dressage test yet and went clear on both stadium and cross country. Paperwork is being sent for your awards. I have also attached
some pictures of them competing. We do not have good pictures of cross country yet as the photographer did not have them ready and is sending out proofs later. There is a good one of Anna and Ellie approaching the last jump in the cross country course, a great one of them in stadium, and a good one of them in dressage. Sandy Dolan                                                            


Anna and Elegance

Start of the cross country competition

 Anna and Elegance


We look forward to updating this page with lots more wins for Ellie and Anna!!!!!


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