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Dear Fredericka,
Thought you might enjoy this photo of El Corazon @ 2 yrs. We almost lost him last spring to a breeding accident with my Hann Mare (long story). Which is why he is a gelding now.
For dressage we always look at the movement, he is straight, picks his feet up way off the ground, Back swings, he is just about everything I would want. It seems you either get front end action or back end action, and end up having to train in the rest, which is hard work let me tell you! (Everyday basics).
Corazon is active both front and back. So my training will be a lot less work, he has a natural swing in his gaits. I truly can't wait to sit on him, not to mention he has personality to go with it all too.
You should be very proud of what you have bred, he is simply gorgeous!
Be proud!
Always riding
- Lorain McNeil

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