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Story of the "FWF Cleopatra - The Wonder Horse"

I do not mean to brag, but in my 20 or so years around horses, I have never met a horse like Cleo.  She is every equestrians dream.  She is what everyone searchs for.  THE PERFECT HORSE - in everyway.  Manners, movement, temperament.  WOW.  I commend her breeders, Flying W Farms!!  What ever or however they made this combination they did good.  Not just good.  They did GREAT!!!!!
Her first event with a trainer was July 13/14. 2001.  She did Beginner Novice - won with a 29.5 score. WOW! Had Lowest Score for the day and WON the division with over 60 people in it.  Never did this in her life and here she is, showing as if she's done it for years.  The next 4 events she placed 1 - 3 being clean in stadium and cross country.  This past February, she was sent to North Carolina to train down there and competed in three events.  She did one novice event and two training level events, placing in all three - clean in cross country and stadium once again.

So that's the story.  Of course there's more.   But what else can I say.  Cleo is THE WONDER HORSE.  EVERY EQUESTRIANS DREAM.  Kathy

Some of Cleo's early  dressage scores:
6/24/01    Intro test one                      65.789    1st
6/24/01    Intro test two                      67.369     2nd
10/28/01  Training Lvl Test 1              59.54     2nd
10/28/01  Training Lvl Test 2              58.75     2nd
3/23/02    Intro  test two                    72.10        1st


Wed July 24, 02
I can not tell you in words how wonderful Cleo is.  I have so much fun with her.  I just enjoy being in her company she just seems to always make me laugh.  She enjoys everything  that we do together.  Kathy

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