Flying W Farms Prince Castaspell

aka "Niko"  IGGHR #191

Sire: Koning-Friesian X Dam: Season's Harvest-Saddlebred
Breeder Flying W Farms / Owner: Vanessa Brentar (16 years old)

Scroll down and read the entire page which goes back a bit in time to when Vanessa first got Prince Castaspell as a yearling; at the very bottom of the page you will discover how this wonderful horse brought his young owner from a B student up to a straight A student in school! the two have done very well in competition together but Blue ribbons aren't everything; Those "A's" are pretty important as well! We are very proud of our PrinceCastaspell and of Vanessa, Congratulations to both of them! Flying W Farms


Castaspell & Venessa April 2009

Castaspell & Venessa April 2009

Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009

fFying W Farms Prince Castaspell, aka "Niko"

Hello Fredericka!
I hope all is well! I wanted to send you recent photos taken of Niko and I.


Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 5:40 PM

Subject: Pictures from Vanessa

Hi Fredericka, Vanessa asked me to send these to you (they are from Equine Affair). 

Hope you're doing well and that George is feeling better by now. 



This pair had numerous wins in 2004; here are results of their first competition in 2005.

June 25, 2005

Ness and Flying W Farms Prince Castaspell aka Niko, Georgian Grande came in 2nd in their division; They looked fabulous in the dressage arena and Niko is starting to find his legs over fences now.  They pinned 3rd in the dressage show.

Following are some of the letters Flying W Farms has received from Vanessa over
the past years since she purchased Castaspell from us.

Subject: Prince Castaspell

Thank you SO much for Castaspell! I call him Niko; He is learning SO quickly, after taking him out the second day and trying to teach him how to lunge, and keeping my patience, he has learned to walk on the lunge line, trot when i click once, go back down to a walk, and also halt.
He is so in tune with me, that it even surprises me the stuff that i've taught him already. I've only had him for about 5 days, and i've gotten him to go puddle jumping with me, go into the washbin and get hosed down, lead into the arena, lunge, graze when i'm sitting on a picnic table, stand well while i'm brushing him, and he even lets me touch his ears!!!
When i walked him into the washbin, i started the water, and he was very interested! he proceeded to investigate the water shooting out of the hose, and bit the nozzle. after about 20 minuets of half swallowing all of the water he was lapping up, he decided to spit some at me! so i was soaking wet, and so was he! When we went puddle jumping, he decided to get me soaking wet by splashing the muddy water on me! and when he was grazing, he took a big mouthful of muddy grass, and licked my face.
He learns so quickly, and that's what i love MOST about him. i really cannot deal with horses that aren't very willing... and, once again, you've created a sweet, loving horse that WILL do anything possible to make his owner happy. I just wanted to tell you myself THANKS! i know my mom has told you many times, but i wanted to tell you also!
thanks SOOOOO much!!

Subject: Castaspell

Hi Fredericka and Robin!
I wanted to let you know that Vanessa's big guy is the talk of the barn. :) The other day there was a homeschool class there, and when Vanessa walked Castaspell by I heard about 20 little children all gasping at once, "OH! There goes Niko!  It was such a moment to treasure.
Vanessa has already put a saddle and girth on him. He just stood there and sniffed it, so she went ahead and lunged him with it. He got to play in the outside arena yesterday (the weather is finally beautiful, isn't it?) and he had such a blast trying to figure out why it was that he couldn't get to Vanessa on the outside of the fence.
Thanks, Tia (Vanessa's Mom)


subject: Prince Castaspell
He is my wonderful Georgian Grande!
He learns so quickly, and that's what i love MOST about him. i really don't deal with horses that aren't very willing... and, he is such  a sweet, loving horse that WILL do anything possible to make his owner happy. Vanessa (owner, 16 years old)


Vannessa with Prince Castaspell
"aka" "Niko"

August 26, 2003
 I want to share with you just what Niko has done for Vanessa:  First off she's a 16 year old that prefers Niko to boys, so that is something right there!  But also she was a solid "B" average student before Niko.  After Niko she has decided she wants to go to Lake Erie College and then overseas to school, so in just over a year she has worked her way up to "A" average, gotten into Honor's classes, was 4-H president last year, AND gotten accepted to Lake Erie College for her junior year in high school, which will be next year.  The last two years of high school will count for college AND high school.  And it's FREE.  She'll take Niko there and aim for getting onto the equestrian team.  On top of all of that she works an average of 40 hours a week to pay for Niko  board. 

This wonderful Georgian Grande gelding, Niko,  has changed Vanessa's life forever and who can put a price tag on that? Tia Brentar, Vanessa's  Mom


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