Princess Romka**Prince Trophy**Baron Von Revere**Baroness Von Rishona

Horses owned by Carol Vincent


FWF Princess Romka & Carol July 2007

Baron Von Revere & Jenna Hill July 2007




FWF Baroness Von Riejcke 

Ridden by Jenna Hill

Baroness Von Rishona

Prince Trophy in background

Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007

Subject: Pictures of my visit to Carol Vincent's farm

Here's some pictures of my visit to Carol's on my birthday last month. 

I got to ride Revere, Romka, and Rijcke.  We had lots of fun together!

Without Flying W Farms and your horses,  I would have never met these girls who have become lifelong friends!  Thank you!


These are photos and letters we received from Carol Vincent. She has purchased several lovely horses from us. She purchased Baroness von Rishona as a weanling; Princess Romka, Prince Trophy and Baron Von Revere were purchased as yearlings.  they are one year old in these photos. Her best
friend Heather also purchased  Friesian/Haflinger cross filly from us, she calls her Riejke.


 PRINCESS ROMKA IGGHR#233  sire Koning (Friesian) mother Electra, (saddlebred)
Romka is a Friesian Georgian Grande


He is a Priesian, sired by Koning (Friesian)
Out of Percheron mare, Mandy Duke
Prince Trophy is just a yearling in this
photo. He was on our site for only two
hours when Carol saw him; she called
and purchased him over the phone!


Subject: trophy - easy on the eyes
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012
To: Flying W Farms, Inc.

Morning Fredericka,
Thought I would share this DROP DEAD GORGEOUS photo of Prince Trophy

I may not ride and show but he sure is my soul mate companion! I love him so much

Thanks for breeding in what others only dream about!



Carol V


This is BARON von REVERE; IGGHR #245; He is a Friesian Georgian Grande, sired by Baron
and his mother is saddlebred mare Bright Harvest. Gorgeous, isn't he! also a yearling in these photos.


Look at this gorgeous black roan filly! This is
Baroness von Rishona; Carol purchased this
filly as a weanling fall of 2003; Rishona is about
six months old in this photo. Her sire is Baron
and her mother is FWF Carmelita, a red roan and
white spotted Gypsy drum type Clydesdale mare.This filly is absolutely gorgeous! Following are some letters Carol sent us regarding her Flying W Farms




October 19, 2003

Hi Fredericka,
Everything is going extremely well up here with the horses.  Romka and Riekje have accepted Rishona and Revere into their "herd".  They have been out in the pasture together for the last two days.  They are GORGEOUS!!! Baron runs with his tail completely over his back and now the girls are copying him...we just love watching them "move".  Rishona has quite the movement and Baron were right, he is VERY special!
 The baby is so SWEET...she comes to me and lets me love on her all of the time.  Baron is doing extremely well, he is a very well mannered and kind horse.  THANK YOU for thinking of him for me!  I have groomed the baby and Baron every day and they look glorious.

 Thanks, Carole and Heather

June 19, 2004

Fredericka, Heather has been working Romka, Revere and Riejke on the lunge lines and
 they are doing AWESOME!!! All three tolerate and enjoy the saddle and Heather has backed Riejke and will do Romka this weekend.  They are loading  into and out of the trailer without any problems and LOVE to be groomed and  bathed!  Trophy is WONDERFUL, he is HUGE but acts like a big puppy dog
 (perhaps he is part Mastiff) who follows us around, he LOVES attention and apples!!! Rishona is very fond of Trophy ;-)  SHE LOVES him and follows him everywhere!!!  They sleep in the same stall and share their feed with one another.  They are so sweet to watch. .All I can say is  that we are HOOKED on your horses!  They are the  FINEST!!! and so CONSISTENT!!! 
You couldn't get a "bad" horse from the  FlyingWfarms.
Heather is SO pleased with the progress of our 2 year olds and the yearlings, Trophy and Rishona are just SO willing to PLEASE.  Trophy follows  us around as we do chores and he and Rishona are inseparable!!!  Wecouldn't  be happier with our horses. Carol         


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